Top Ten Libraries in The World

April 6, 2017
#10 Biblioteca Joanina

year-halifax-library-20151209.jpgHalifax Central Library, located at the corner of Spring Garden Road and Queen Street in the city's downtown, has been named amongst's top 10 most beautiful libraries in the world.

It was the only Canadian library to crack the list, which featured buildings from Mexico, Norway, England, Turkey, China, Denmark and the U.S.

Designed by Danish architecture firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen and Halifax firm Fowler Bauld & Mitchell, the library opened to great fanfare in 2014. It won the Governor General's architecture medal and was a finalist for the World Building 2015 award at the World Architecture Festival.

"It's a thrill... It helps put Halifax on the map as a city that knows how to design and build great civic spaces, " Åsa Kachan, CEO of Halifax Public LIbraries, said to Metro News.

The building is a 129, 000 square foot glass structure that boasts a rooftop garden with stunning views of the city and a concert hall.

"Halifax's flagship library (there are 13 others) is 156, 000-square feet of imposingly piled glass. Situated in the city's downtown, the building's four glass boxes stack, twist, and cantilever to create a stunning building block effect, " Wired writes in their post.

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