Beautiful Library

January 13, 2023
The Library of 20, Books

While the advent of the Internet has meant public libraries are not quite as popular as they once were (sniff), there are still very many in New York that are gorgeous places to read and study. Yes, you can download over 300, 000 books on your phone, but wouldn’t you rather sit somewhere pretty and quiet to read?

1. New York Public Library

This iconic location, proudly guarded by regal-looking marble lions, is among the city's most ornate public spaces. And now that the gorgeous Rose Reading Room has reopened, this wins the beauty contest, hands down.

3. New York Public Library of the Performing Arts

Whether you’re looking for some worthwhile literature on your favorite ballroom dancer or would rather gawk at beautiful people, this library will not disappoint.

4. Jefferson Market Library

While the building was first a courthouse, the Jefferson Market Library has been an important part of the Greenwich Village community for more than four decades. Also, it looks like a freakin’ castle.

5. New York Society Library

The New York Society Library includes some cozy reading rooms that are open to the public—but you have to be a member check out a book. (That’s where the snobbishness of “society” in the name comes in.)

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